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As an artist in today’s digital age, one of the incredible advantages is the wealth of freely accessible or budget-friendly resources. These invaluable tools and materials have played a significant role in shaping my own creative journey. While I’m passionate about teaching, the scope of what I can cover individually has its limits. Therefore, I’ve curated a collection of my preferred articles, websites, tools, videos, podcasts, and more to empower you with the same insights that have enriched my path.

PS: If you have any suggestions of your own that could be beneficial to others, please don’t hesitate to share them with me through the contact form. Your input is always welcome and can help expand our collective knowledge.


These are my favorite resources that I frequently rely on for a wide range of topics, as well as those that have proven effective for many people. These include editing, podcasting, marketing, hosting, finance, equipment, and more. Please note that some of these resources may be outdated, so as always, it’s advisable to conduct your own research to determine if they meet your needs. Adding them to this list doesn’t imply that I endorse everything about the product or company.


Aspiring to make it in the entertainment industry requires understanding both the history and the contemporary scene. Below, you’ll find my recommendations for what to listen to, read, and watch. Enjoy!