A Bogotá Trip – Feature Film

The Story: Neel’s turning 35 and still hasn’t found purpose in life. Even if he did, he doesn’t have anyone to share life’s beautiful moments with. That’s why he hopes that a trip to Bogotá provides the spark he needs.

Meanwhile, Violet brings her two best friends to Colombia to recreate the fun she had there while studying abroad.

Their worlds collide when they bump into each other, but growing closer could spell disaster for their lives back home.

Why Colombia?: Phil Svitek has a friend named Edgar who lives in Bogotá and one of the main actresses is Colombian. And it’s a place Phil was (and is) deeply fascinated by given its rich history and culture, far beyond the drugs and violence many of us associate with Colombia. He wanted to showcase that, but not as a documentary or travel vlog.

Lead Actors: Andrew Ghai, Veronica Piedrahita, Khaliel Abdelrahim, Sara Stretton, Cristal McLaughlin

Supporting Cast: Graciela Patiño, Victor Laurenz, Angela Gutierrez, Lina Lopez Cajiao, Kenny Harrison, Willinton Escobar

Writer/Director: Phil Svitek

Producers: Kenny Harrison, John Comerford, Lina Lopez Cajiao, Edgar Cortes, Courtney Stewart, Ian Keiser, Jennifer Smith

Executive Producers: Olivia Galicia, Nick Perdue, Rich Boener, Matt D’Andria, Azur Begovic

Cinematographers: Phil Svitek, Jonathan Moulton

Composers: Cody Schram, Edgar Cortes

Featuring Music By: Systema Solar


The film has ended its film festival circuit, which began back on June 20th, 2022, where it won the Audience Award at the Marina Del Rey Film Festival. Thanks to its festival successes, the film was picked up by House of Film for distribution. They’re working hard behind-the-scenes to get it out into the world. More details on this to come (once we can announce them)…

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